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Why Businesses Use Us?

Our customers like that we offer provide many premium plugins at no cost, maintain their website (including debugging if needed), while still offering our service at a discount compared to our competition.

Complete Hosting, Just Simple Subscribing...

$66 a Month?
One Stop Shop Savings...

WP Plugins Provided Free

Once again these are offered at no cost to you because you use our service. Click the plugin to see their pricing pages for comparisons.

Technology Specialists

Our group of professionals perform most functions for you. In business most of the costs are employees. We reduce your costs.

Similar Hosting Plans

These other companies don’t include plugins or Technology Specialists.

Most hosting companies hike the price significantly after the second year. After the plugins and hosting, then hiring a professional to do the work and that’s expensive. 


Your time is worth more

If you’re not in the business of hosting, why would you spend weeks and sometimes months trying to learn website design/marketing? After learning the basics then you have to learn how to host websites and server maintenance?

Keep it simple. Do a few hours of work in your chosen profession pays for a professional to host and maintain your website or app. You’ll get a better product and you’ll duplicate your time. Automate, Duplicate, and Replicate systems will give you more FREE time. 

We offer you free videos to free up your time.

You can’t replace your time!

Marketing Niches

Here are a few areas that we specialize in.

Real Estate

Internet Marketing Tools

Medical Transport

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